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Hi! my name is Tania

Full Luna is my project dedicated to telling the stories of the brave and creative entrepreneurs of the food industry in my hometown of Castelldefels, just south of Barcelona. After living here for 10 years and seeing many restaurants and food shops come and go, I have often wondered what separates success and failure. More importantly, I have decided that many of those who don’t last are also heroes in my book. I write this in honor of all the brave people who endeavor to turn their passions in the food industry into their full-time jobs. And to the countless bakers, fishmongers, chefs, butchers, and restaurateurs who have fed me well over the years. 

Food tastes are subjective. This won't be a review of "best local restaurants" (though my own favorite dishes may be mentioned from time to time). Instead, I hope to impart an appreciation for the people behind the scenes and the effort they put into what they do, their backgrounds, motivations, and especially their challenges along the way.

I like to eat at all ends of the spectrum, from the more expensive and experimental places visited on special occasions to the holes in the wall with good background stories. 

I grew up in the United States, with Colombian and Ecuadorian parents. I moved to Spain in 2010 with my Dutch partner and we have 3 locally born kids. I love cooking and I love eating. My favorite foods include anything spicy and sour. I can usually pass on dessert in favor of something savory- but that’s our secret! 

Thanks for reading. 

If you have any questions, please write me at

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